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Here is a pool cleaning before & after photos of a gunite pool in need of a good cleaning

Pool Cleaning Before and After
  • BeforeHere is a drained gunite pool that has been sitting for four years and is in need of a good cleaning.
  • BeforeThe walls are stained and the dirty water must be removed.
  • BeforeThere is a build up of debris that must be removed.
  • BeforeDirt has built up on some spots and needs to be cleaned.
  • CleaningAfter draining the pool we wash the surfaces with a pressure washer. In cases of bad staining an acid solution can be used to help lift some stains.
  • AfterAfter the pool is cleaned it is filled again with new water.
  • AfterThe new water must be treated for metals (this process removes metals that may be present in fill water) so that when chemicals are added there is not adverse reactions between the metals and the chemicals.
  • AfterOnce the metals have been taken out, the water can start to be balanced.
  • AfterAfter balancing is complete and the circulation system have been running the pool water is clear and safe for swimming.
  • A Mermaid Fountain FountainAfter everything is complete you can add some more life to your pool with the addition of water features such as this mermaid & dolphin fountain.
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