Full Pool Opening

•Removal of cover
•Removal of all plugs
•Installation of railings and ladders
•Installation of filter system components
•Inspection of filter system and heater
•All Required start-up chemicals added
•System start-up

Full Pool Closing

•Removal ladders and railings
•All lines blown out and plugged
•Installation of railings and ladders
•Antifreeze added to skimmer
•Filter system winterized
•Installation of winter cover
•Water shocked before closing

Partial Pool Openings & Closings

Everything included in full opening/closing excluding:
• Removal/Installation of cover
• Removal/Installation of railings and ladders

Above Ground Openings & Closings

•Removal/Installation of cover
•Removal/Installation of railings and ladders
•Removal/Installation of plugs
•System start up or winterization

Scheduled Maintenance Service

Don't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your pool or spa? Have a CPO professional take care of your pool.
Weekly or Bi-Weekly schedules available.
•Vacuum debris from pool
•Brush pool's surfaces (if required)
•Empty all pump baskets and skimmers
•Backwash filter
•Water testing and chemistry adjustment
•Closely monitor system performance for issues

Scheduled Water Chemistry Service

Does balancing your water's chemistry have you frustrated? If you would prefer to have a CPO professional care for your water chemistry but don't require full maintenance then our Water Chemistry Service is for you.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly schedules available.
• Backwash filter
• Water testing and chemistry adjustment
• Empty all pump baskets and skimmers
• Closely monitor system performance for issues

Pool/Spa Dive

Pool dive to inspect for leaks and damage

Line Testing

Pressurized line test to check for leaks

Filter Install

300lb Hayward sand filter installation

Pump Install

3/4 hp Hayward pump installation

Filter & Pump Combo

• 300lb Hayward filter installation
• 3/4 hp Hayward pump installation
Save $150.00 when installed together!

Auto Chlorinator install

9 lb Hayward off-line chlorinator installation

Other Installations

Other pumps, filters, heaters, auto chlorinators, salt generators, automatic controls, covers, safety covers, and misc. items available upon request.

Basic service charges

Any and all other services not displayed above.

Prices are based on residential sized swimming pools, additional fees may apply for larger pools & complex circulation systems. Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply for certain services beyond our immediate service region. To view our service regions and fees please see our region map below.