Keep Your Pool in Holden or West Boylston, MA in Excellent Condition

Keep Your Pool in Holden or West Boylston, MA in Excellent Condition

Let us handle your comprehensive pool service

Your pool requires professional time and attention to keep it in pristine condition. If you don't keep up with regular pool service, you could be dealing with problems down the road. Take action, and hire True Blue Waters to handle your pool service in Holden, MA. We'll replace broken parts, filter your systems and install new components. We'll even make sure your water levels are safe for swimming!

Anything your pool needs to remain in excellent condition is covered under our pool service. Call now to schedule your appointment in Holden, MA.

When should you get a pool repair?

There are several signs that indicate you need a professional pool repair. Schedule your service when you notice signs like:

  • Cracked walls
  • Discolored water
  • Sudden evaporation

Tackling these problems immediately saves you thousands in possible repairs or replacements.

Schedule your pool repair in Holden, MA today.

System Upgrades

•We have experience in installing a vast line of products.
•We can help you achieve better system performance through the installation of new components.
•We won't push you to install what we'd prefer (after all it's your pool & investment) although we would be happy to make recommendations.
•We install heaters, filters, pumps, pump motors, covers, auto chlorination systems, safety equipment, plumbing, water features, and much more.
•We will install the equipment you desire regardless of where you purchased it.

System Repairs

•Along with offering upgrade services we also offer expert repair.
•If you don't need something new we won't sell it.
•Many "dead" pumps can be repaired in minutes and at a low cost.
•Don't be fooled into paying hundreds of dollars to replace something that may last seasons to come.
•*If we make a repair and within 30 days the equipment fails and needs to be replaced we will help bring down the cost by taking the repair charge off of your new install.
•We have extensive knowledge and troubleshooting skills in pool and spa repairs.

Pool Pumps

•Variable speed, high energy efficient pumps that last longer than the competitors!

Note: The customer is also responsible for making sure the electricity and water are available in the pool area. The customer must also make pool components available (auto chlorninator, skimmer baskets, jet nozzles, spa drain covers, etc.). Vacuuming of the pool is not included with any opening. If you require vacuuming of your pool during the opening or at a later date the service may be provided at an additional cost.
*Part charges cannot be taken off of a new install unless a new part fails and is under manufacture's warranty. The charges discounted only apply to labor charges.